Monday, 14 September 2015

BMT Launches SMARTPOWER Torque Meter - 14/09/2015

BMT Launches SMARTPOWER Torque Meter

BMT SMART Ltd (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, announces the launch of its new, highly accurate and cost-effective SMARTPOWER Torque Meter, as part of its Fleet Vessel Performance Management (FVPM) suite of products. 

BMT’s SMARTPOWER Torque Meter is a dedicated measurement tool specifically designed for the maritime sector, to provide a highly accurate digital output for Torque, Speed, Power, Running Hours and Total Energy. In addition, the system can provide Thrust and Dynamic data, which BMT SMART software can utilise to analyse the condition of the main engine, propeller and the gearbox.

The system has been developed in partnership with Datum Electronics Ltd, a torque and shaft power measurement specialist with over 25 years of experience working across different industries, including navies, in the development of torsion measurement equipment. 

Sebastian Sj√∂berg, Sales & Business Development Manager at BMT SMART explains: “Torque meters are a key part of vessel performance management. However, the majority of products that are currently available on the market can only provide average data. SMARTPOWER can provide Dynamic data which enables us to take condition monitoring to a completely new level.”

Peter Mantel, Managing Director of BMT SMART comments: “A Torque meter is the key building block of Performance Management on-board and by working with shipyards to install SMARTPOWER at the newbuild stage; we are committed to working closely with owners to manage the performance of their vessels right throughout their lifecycle.  With the support of our global network of service partners, we can provide customers with local expertise and knowledge allowing for quick and easy installation and ongoing support.” 

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