Wednesday, 13 April 2016

ECDIS Inspectors Course Milestone Reached - 13/04/2016

ECDIS Inspectors Course Milestone Reached

ECDIS Ltd is proudly celebrating the 400th student attending their Inspectors Course.
Now training on all contents from New Orleans to Tokyo, the ECDIS Ltd Inspectors Course is internationally renowned and fast becoming one of their most popular maritime courses. The course has evolved over the last 5 years to be exactly what the inspector needs, namely relevant questions to ask, and reasonable expectations from the bridge teams on the practical understanding of their navigation system.

The course leaves the inspector armed with the right level of understanding of the minimum standard expected over all 38 manufacturers of ECDIS, and practical questions to ask the team ensuring the ship can safely use their ECDIS, regardless of what certificates they may hold. The full breakdown of the course is available at the below link and was recently summarised by Harry Williams, an inspector during an OCIMF course, as "The best practical training course relating to the job I have ever attended".

Managing Director Mark Broster commented "Our key focus on the Inspectors course was to proactively help the industry learn what specifics to look for when dealing with observations, detentions and recent grounding that could have been avoided. We have seen considerable take-up from all sectors of the industry as they have seen the true potential in this course as a means of helping mitigate risk"

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