Monday, 11 April 2016



Kongsberg Maritime has delivered new fleet & vessel management functionality through a recent customised software update across Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S’ fleet and shore offices. The software roll-out took place during January 2016 and included updates to vessel and shore based modules covering maintenance, spare parts, information sharing, procurement and budgeting.

The updated software was developed in close co-operation with NORDEN, an independent Danish shipping company operating a large global fleet of dry cargo vessels and product tankers. Subsequent to the NORDEN roll-out, the new software versions are now available to all KONGSBERG fleet & vessel management software customers.

A key element of the upgrade is the integration of more QA functions into the ‘Experience’ information sharing module, making it a vital part of NORDEN’s IT systems on its ships and ashore. The application is designed to standardise and improve information sharing within an organisation, forming a knowledge base for any type of management within the shipping industry. It is also used for incident reporting and follow-up of various inspections such as vetting and port state controls.

The information sharing software was first released in 2006, then named ‘C-Experience’ and is today in use by several leading shipping companies. The co-development of the latest software version, 4.1, is part of an on-going collaboration between KONGSBERG and NORDEN, established to ensure the software delivered meets the diverse nature of global dry bulk and product tanker operations.

NORDEN’s KONGSBERG fleet & vessel management software supports the company to save time and expenditure across a wide variety of daily operations. In addition to the Experience system, the software suite covers: Maintenance – type approved planned maintenance system on all vessels and in shore offices; Spares – on board system for spare part inventory and requisitioning/ordering; Budget – cost control system, with budget and voucher management, and summary reporting installed across the fleet and on shore.

A ‘Budget’ cost control system, with budget and voucher management, and summary reporting and the purchase procurement system for order and supply management is also installed in land offices only.

“We collaborate closely with NORDEN on the development of new software features and functionality and have already received great feedback on this significant update,” said Rune Stålstrøm, General Manager, Fleet Performance Group, Kongsberg Maritime. “The updates to the Experience information sharing application are of particular note as they will enable NORDEN to significantly enhance collaboration between vessels and the shore office, in order to optimise their operational efficiency.”

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