Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Growth within the global maritime security sector gives boost to Morgan Advanced Materials - 16/11/2016

Growth within the global maritime security sector gives boost to Morgan Advanced Materials 

As new threats in major oceans around the world continue to emerge, Morgan Advanced Materials has improved its production and design capability for piezoelectric ceramic (PZT) components and transducers used for underwater SONAR applications.

Morgan is now able to offer a range of solutions which can be customised in terms of size, materials and sonar frequency to meet the technical demands of any underwater application. Its PZT component and transducer range offers solutions for active and passive systems, covering the full range of Navy Type I, II, III, VI, and other custom formulations. Morgan also has the prototyping capability and technical expertise to assist customers throughout the development and implementation of new projects.

The move comes at a time when forecasts indicate that the maritime safety sector will grow at an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.2% until 2021[1].This prediction was reinforced by a recent statement from the Ministry of Defence, which has pledged to invest £1.9 billion in a project to prepare a national defence system to combat stealth submarines in British waters.

With security still of critical importance for the UK/US (amend as applicable when issuing) government, more advanced technologies are being used in the fight against an increasingly sophisticated range of maritime threats. This has seen a significant upscaling of maritime security efforts including increased investment in SONAR systems and technology based on PZT components.

Paul Turnbull, Sales and Business Development Manager at Morgan Advanced Materials, explained: “With heightened demand for maritime security solutions, Morgan Advanced Materials is in a strong position to supply vital components which are used in SONAR applications. We can offer PZT components in a range of formulations and have the capacity and capability to meet demand in the US, UK, and other nations.”

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