Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Royal Institute of Naval Architects Approves SikaFloor®Marine CPD - 22/11/2016

Royal Institute of Naval Architects Approves SikaFloor®Marine CPD

SikaFloor® Marine, a world leader in bonding, sealing, waterproofing and flooring solutions for the marine shipping industry, has received been awarded international accreditation for its latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by the Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA).

SikaFloor® Marine product, are specifically designed to deal with noise reduction and fire on board and undergo rigorous testing to receive their international certification. It is a pan-European effort, with products being manufactured in Italy undergoing standards testing in Denmark and field trials in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Finland.

RINA requires that all fellows, members and associate-members who are in or seeking active work take all reasonable steps to maintain and develop their professional competence and knowledge but undertaking Continual Professional Developments. The CPDs track and documents skills, knowledge and experience gained both formally and informally as they work.

RINA was approached by SikaFloor® Marine about a CPD specific to marine vessels for its members. The ‘Good Practice for Alleviation of Structure and Air-borne Noise in Marine Vessels' was subsequently ratified by the RINA professional affairs committee and certified with the RINA organisation as part of their Continuing Professional Development programme.

Tony Jenkins is the author of the CPD and as SikaFloor® Marine’s Key Account Manager for Shipping, was able to draw on his knowledge and skills in marine acoustics for the document, “RINA is one of the most prominent professional organisations in the commercial shipping industry worldwide. As a world leader ourselves and a specialist in the area covered by the CPD, we are delighted to have our expertise recognized in this way.”

RINA is also part of the pan-European organisation, the Confederation of European Maritime Technology Societies (CEMT), which makes their accredited CPDs relevant to professional development of fourteen other countries that are part of the CEMT organisation.

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